The sacred Shaivist text of the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra is a yogic manual for accessing gateways within our own consciousness, breath, senses and emotions in order to merge into a state of union with the Divine. These techniques are designed to illuminate the profoundly simple yet deeply mystical reality laced inside the cracks of our most intimate and ordinary experiences.  In this ancient text, Shakti (Embodiment) asks Shiva (Absolute Consciousness) how to connect to the sacred Mystery at the Heart of Reality. Shiva responds with 112 gateways that reveal how Shiva and Shakti, Divine and Human are intimately entwined within the portals of our direct, sensual contact with existence. By plunging into these specific portals with awareness and totality, we are opened into a tangible experience of Non-dual Bliss. Cultivating this direct, personal connection to Source helps to cultivate a foundation of trust in the God consciousness that dwells within. Taking these devotional practices as acts of worship, the distinction between meditation and meditator vanishes into the Non-Dual ground of Being.