The relationship between inner Masculine and Feminine plays out on multiple levels, conscious and unconscious, from the archetypal characters we carry, to the most subtle and refined Masculine and Feminine energies. The Inner Beloved relationship can be explored through:

1.) Discovering the imprinting and beliefs about the sexes inherited in childhood through the triangular relationship between you and your Mother and Father.

2.) Inquiring into your intimate relationships and the patterns or themes that have repeated throughout your life. These relationships are a mirror for the state of the relationship between our Masculine and Feminine within. Aspecting conversations where you get to embody each side begins the process from separation and division to union.

3.) Unifying Pelvis and Heart: The essence of masculine and feminine energies are embedded within the pelvis and heart as the channels for giving or receiving the natural flow of energy in the body. Breath, bodywork and movement can assist in uniting these centers and opening the gateway between them located inside the solar plexus.                                                                                                                                                                                                        

4.) Tantric Meditation: Non-dual Tantric meditations that work with the union of Shiva (consciousness/stillness) and Shakti (energy/movement) are initiations into vast tantric wisdom and the subtle, divine lovemaking occurring in every particle of existence.