The application of touch has vast possibilities. Stored tensions and holding patterns in the body develop as a strategy to block the movement of sensation and emotion such as anxiety, rage, joy, pleasure or grief. Massage and energy work can help to release long held somatic resistance and body armoring in order to increase your capacity to receive and feel. Touch may also be used in the assistance of exploring body processes and inner drama scenarios. Often, the most profound touch is touch that is infused with simple presence. Touch that is free from any hunger or agenda- even the agenda to "heal". To be experience this touch creates inner harmony and openness to receive the profound unification with life exactly as it is. Tantric touch work that honors the sensual fusion of your entire body, heart, soul and senses opens the doors for deeper integration of Non-Dual Tantric Awareness. The transfiguration of Divine Embodiment begins with sincere devotional reverence and worship of the entire body as the primary location for the intersection of Immanence and Transcendence. At advanced levels, initiations into sexual meditations that utilize touch as a vehicle for Non-Dual states of consciousness may also be demonstrated or practiced.

I also offer Kashmiri Shaivist Touch Work: The massage that "has no objective but may cause enlightenment."

*All touch is pre-negotiated, consensual and practiced with sensitivity to boundaries for mutual health and safety.*