Experience authentic Tantric massage in the Kashmiri tradition.

The body in its natural state is open, alive, joyful and spontaneous. Traumas, conditioning, holding patterns and dissociation create blocks to love within the body. Kashmiri massage is, for the giver, a yogic meditation on the body of Other as the arising of phenomena within the Totality of existence. It is an immersion into the body as the container of pure space… space vibrating with the energy of primordial creation. For the receiver, this massage activates the parasympathetic nervous system, quiets the mind and brings the body into its natural state of openness. When the body is returned to its natural state of openness it begins to vibrate with the Spanda… the free flowing joyful awareness permeating through the body and all of Reality. Using a floor mat, blindfold, warm oil, full body contact and Thai-inspired stretches you are met with pure presence, free from agenda and striving. The body responds to pure presence like a flower responds to water and sunlight. In this meeting of full presence your body is organically invited to unravel and open all that resists the experience of Love that lives within you. This opening into Love is our natural state of peaceful pleasure and spontaneous Joy. From a biochemical perspective, Love infused contact increases oxytocin and serotonin as well as calms the sympathetic (fight/flight) nervous system, bringing the body mind into balance and equilibrium, supercharging your sense of well being that lingers for days after your treatment.

“It was like being touched by God, the Mother and the Lover all at the same time”

Investment: 300$/2hrs

Please Note: This is not an erotic massage in the traditional sense. Arousal and erotic gratification is not the agenda or goal. However, the contact is deeply loving and sensual as true authentic, embodied presence is inherently sensual. The energy of innocent eros (pure aliveness) is welcomed and integrated within the container of love and presence.

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