Core Essence Tantra is a synthesis of Non-Dual Mysticism, Kashmiri Shaivism, Shadow Work, and Western Neo-Tantra. 

This is a Tantra of coming into radical wholeness through integrating unconscious dualities in order to connect to the deeper mystery of who you really are. Love, Sex and Self Image are primary locations for unconscious shadow material. When this material is intimately and honestly addressed, a natural state of freedom arises that is rooted in the spontaneous power, innocence and ecstasy of liberated presence.

After over a decade of immersion into Tantra, I found that much of both the Neo Tantric and Classical Tantric worlds were missing the true spirit of Tantra. I have cultivated Core Essence as a deep honoring of what I understand to be the spirit of Tantra. 

Tantra, at its core, is about returning what is essential. It is about returning to our original state of naturalness, openness and innocence.  It is profoundly simple. This naturalness deeply honors the inner authority of a human being as a lineage of one. There has only ever been one you and there will never be another you. The greatest liberation is the freedom to be you, exactly as you are and to rest in the sovereign spaciousness of your own true nature. Tantra knows the secret, that there is only you. But who are you really? Beyond your conditioning, your habits, your self images, your metal concepts? What is the real you? Tantra seeks to know this mystery of what we are, not in theory but through direct experience. Through the direct experience of our True Self, we encounter the Real of love. But what is love beyond our concepts and conditioning? Tantra reveals that there is no condition required for loving ourselves or loving what is. Likewise, nothing needs to be denied in order to love ourselves or love what is. Tantra is the radical embrace of the Totality. It is the permission, freedom and authority to live our unique expression. It is the paradox of recognizing that this essence that we are is not only profoundly unique, it also dwells in every one and every thing. This true self, this god self, this uniquely human self are one in the same, and they are encountered directly inside the space of the Heart. 

The Tantrics have called this One Taste the union of Shiva- the god self with Shakti-the energy and power moving through existence. The meeting of the Absolute with the Relative. It is through our deep contact with the energy and power of existence that moves through us in the total range of our experiences, from pleasure to pain, that we meet Source, God, The Mystery. 


Shiva and Shakti, the Transcendent and the Immanent, are always in union. 



What would it be like to love yourself and your life, without denying or requiring anything? 

Tantric practice seeks to cultivate and increase our capacity to surrender, open, and stay with our own internal arising. This is the intimate journey of meeting the Beloved within. 

We also practice to surrender, open, and stay with the arising of existence as life touches us moment by moment. This is the intimate journey of meeting the Beloved as Other. 

The ultimate practice is in the merging of these two polarities into a third non-dual. The Inner Beloved and Outer Beloved become One Taste. Our own essential Being and existence itself are experienced as being of the same sacred substance. 

Tantra knows the secret, that we long for more than anything is to return home to ourselves. To be ourselves. To return to our sovereign, natural, innocence. This longing for ourselves is at the root of everything we do. We seek to find our wholeness. Yet this wholeness is waiting for us to discover that it was always here and can never be taken away. 

There is only You. There is only this life. 

The ultimate Yoga, is the yoga of Loving. 


“There are many different types of paths. Some touch you like a gentle spring rain. Tantra is the wild summer thunder storm, churning with creation, destruction, bliss and emptiness.” -Tantric Master, Prem Pranama