Core Essence Tantra is a synthesis of Non-Dual Mysticism, Kashmiri Shaivism, Shadow Work, Shamanism and Western Neo-Tantra. It seeks to make direct contact with the Non-Dual Source at the heart of reality through the alchemical unification of opposites.

This is a Tantra of coming into radical wholeness through integrating unconscious dualities in order to connect to the deeper mystery of who you really are. Love, Sex and Self Image are primary locations for unconscious shadow material. When this material is intimately and honestly addressed, a natural state of freedom arises that is rooted in the spontaneous power, innocence and ecstasy of liberated presence.

Using awareness to penetrate the infinite beauty of the polarized duality spectrum, the sacred Non-Dual Source of life reveals itself as inseparable from the consciousness that perceives it.

 This is the holy paradox.

Intentionally embracing the most human, hidden and ordinary phenomena opens a gateway to unification with Divine consciousness.

This sacred transfiguration of ascending consciousness by descending into embodiment completes the Holy Trinity of Dual and Non-Dual.

Immersion into direct experience with the intention of using the content as fuel for awakening is known as traditional Left Hand Path Tantra. Rather than bypassing or transcending fear, craving, attachment and desire, these contracted states are plunged into with awareness and totality. Both the negative and positive are considered to be manifestations of dualistic contraction. The intension is to expand consciousness beyond duality, liberate the contracted energy and then merge the polarities to reveal their deeper abiding essence.

The polarities of Light and Dark, Masculine and Feminine, Form and Formless and Divine and Human are fundamental to the alchemical process of Core Essence Tantra.


This is a deeply mystical process that celebrates both the Dual and the Non-Dual. All pairs of opposites within the duality spectrum are sacred expressions of the dynamic flow of human experience. When all aspects of existence are considered worthy vessels to embodiment deserving our totality, we end the struggle to maintain certain states while rejecting others. When we soften our attachment to one side of a polarity and welcome the alchemical weaving with its opposite, the Non-Dual ground of Being emerges as a spiritual third dimension of reality. Both sides of the Dualistic structure are embraced without contradiction, simultaneously held inside of the third, Non-Dual Source from which they arise.

This is the birth of the Divine Human.

Grounded in the Transcendent Stillness and All Pervading Bliss of the Non-Dual 


Dancing in the Passionate, Dynamic Multitude of Forms within the Immanent Human Experience

“There are many different types of paths. Some touch you like a gentle spring rain. Tantra is the wild summer thunder storm, churning with creation, destruction, bliss and emptiness.” -Tantric Master, Prem Pranama