1:1 Tantric Guidance might be for you if…

 -You want to embody greater freedom and truth, beyond your patterns and conditioning

-You are seeking a supportive, loving container for a death/rebirth process

 -You desire deeper contact with Non-Dual states of consciousness

 -You are ready to expand your capacity to feel the full spectrum of human experience

 -You intuitively sense that your body can be a vehicle to expand consciousness

 -You have been involved in Neo-Tantra and are ready to go further

-You desire to experience the full realization of Embodied, Divinized sexuality

 -You want to find the gold in your shadows, and turn your demons into allies

 -You are ready to explore and embrace the content of your unique life as fuel for accessing the Non-Dual Mystery at the heart of Reality

The content of this process is spontaneous and intended to authentically engage with what arises in the moment.

 I draw from a variety of techniques and modalities which you can learn more about here:


A word of Caution:

This process will confront you with uncomfortable material and will challenge many notions of who you believe yourself to be, so it is necessary that you have a bit of experience doing some kind of mindfulness training or inner personal work before beginning. Because this work can dramatically change your life, it is also highly recommended that you have someone in your life who you can openly share your experiences with.

This is "pathless path" Tantra, where the path is the result and the result is the path.

Real transformation and life changing revelation do occur, but it is through the paradox of immersion into direct experience rather than striving to achieve personal goals.

 The focus is not about intended outcome. 

 It is about Discovery, Embodiment, Union and Totality.

I am not a coach for self improvement. I am a guide into the Non-Dual Mystery of Tantra. 

What does the structure of 1:1 Tantric Guidance Look Like?

In order to bring the fullness of myself and this dynamic process, I offer guidance to no more than 3 individual voyagers at a time

If you are interested in Tantric Guidance and I am currently full, I will add you to a waiting list and notify you when someone "completes" their process

I have warm and cosy locations to meet in the East Bay and North Bay 

If the distance between us is too great, our work can unfold over Skype

First, we'll meet for a "mini" session to answer any questions and determine if this process is well suited for you. 

Next, we'll determine the structure that makes the most sense for your lifestyle:


Weekly sessions (1-2 hrs) in person and/or Skype

-3 month commitment

-6 month commitment

*I am also available to you "on call" by phone or email during this time as an ally for your daily explorations in embodiment*


-1/2 day Immersion Intensive (5 hours)

-1 day Immersion Intensive (8 hours)

-2 day Immersion Intensive

-3 day Immersion Intensive

*Price is determined on an individual basis in order to accurately reflect your income and commitment to the process*