Tantric Spiritual Coaching might be for you if…

 -You want to embody your truth and your freedom beyond your patterns and conditioning

-You want to extract the nectar and the blessing from every experience of your precious life

-You want to know yourself deeply and intimately and experience embodied, real self love and self acceptance

-You want to cultivate a deeper personal relationship to God, Source, The Mystery

-You want to experience the Real of Love, the Real of Sexuality, the Real of being You

-You desire to learn real Tantric practices to supercharge your life

-You want to find the gold in your shadows, and turn your demons into allies

 -You are ready to explore and embrace the content of your unique life as a spiritual practice

-You want to face your fears and embrace your desires and live your life, unapologetically, as you

I support men and women in Tantric inspired journeys of self discovery, reclaiming their truth and embracing what it means to be truly human. My work is not purely Neo-Tantric (sexual) nor is it Classical Tantra, though I do draw from elements of both. Moreso, my work is rooted in the true spirit of Tantra- that of turning towards what has been denied within the self for the purpose of integration and reclaiming wholeness. Tantra in its essence is a path of returning to our natural state and finding the freedom to be ourselves and live our lives in connection to our truth. It is a path that requires nothing and rejects nothing. I support people in using the content of their unique lives as fuel for spiritual growth and embodied self acceptance. Working with unexamined places such as the shadow, sexuality, power, desire, fear and love, we turn everything into a practice of profound intimacy, growth and spiritual renewal.

In Tantra, the practice begins right here, where you are, right now.

Learn more about the methods, practices and philosophies I use in Tantric Spiritual Coaching here:



A word of caution: 

Because this work can dramatically change your life, it is highly recommended that you have someone in your life who you can openly share your experiences with.

This is "pathless path" Tantra, where the path is the result and the result is the path.

Real transformation and life changing revelation do occur, but it is through the paradox of immersion into direct experience rather than striving to achieve personal goals.

 The focus is not about intended outcome. 

 It is about Discovery, Embodiment, Union and Totality.

I am not a coach for self improvement or egoic gratification. 

I am a Dakini. A sacred instigator and catalyst to support you in meeting your True self and your real life, intimately.


What does the structure of Tantric Spiritual Coaching Look Like?

I have warm and cosy locations to meet in the East Bay and North Bay 

If the distance between us is too great, our work can unfold over Skype

First, we'll meet for a "mini" session to answer any questions and determine if this process is well suited for you. 

Next, we'll determine the structure that makes the most sense for your lifestyle:


Weekly sessions (90 min) in person and/or Skype

-3 month commitment

-6 month commitment

*I am also available to you "on call" by phone or email during this time as an ally for your daily explorations in embodiment*



-Single Session (4 hours)

-1 day Intensive (8 hours)

-2 day Intensive

-3 day Intensive

*Price is sliding scale 120-200/hr based on income*