Tantric Rebirthing Touchwork


In Tantra we seek to know ourselves and reality intimately. Not as a concept, but as an intimate felt experience. Touch is the ultimate teacher in dropping beneath the analytical mind which keeps us separate from our direct felt experience of ourselves and of the moment. 

Tantric practice is, at its core, a practice of returning to our natural state of innocence and openness. 


I have created Tantric Rebirthing as a practice ground for this return to innocence. 


In Tantric Rebirthing, your body is the ultimate ashram to practice the surrender to yourself and to the moment. We explore your body as the container where the inner Beloved is met and the skin as the boundary where you meet the Beloved as existence, as the Other. 

We begin with embodied meditation and inquiry into your direct experience at the level of the heart.

From here we explore:

What is arising in you right now?

How is life wanting to be known in this heart? This being? 

We meet the arising of you with radical acceptance and loving presence. The practice is profoundly unique yet utterly simple: to stay and be intimate with the ever unfolding arising within You. Exactly as you are. Releasing all Doing and opening into Be-ing.

We allow space for any fragmented or undigested parts that may be longing to come forward to be felt, touched, known and integrated inside of the totality that you are.


From this space of openness, we move into Tantric Bodywork. 

Inhabiting my own internal spaciousness and anchoring inside loving kindness, I offer you deeply attuned devotional touch that allows you to open, surrender and feel.

This is touch as meditation.

I meet you as Life meeting you, supporting you to deeply allow this meeting as a practice of deeply meeting and surrendering to the moment. 

Using breathwork, touch and Inner Tantric Yoga, I will guide you to continue to surrender and drop into your direct, felt experience of the moment. 

This touch work is intended to dissolve blockages, armoring and resistance, opening you to a deeper capacity for feeling, pleasure, and real presence inside your body. 

Habitual places of resistance cut us off from the vital flow of aliveness in the body, blocking our connection to our own Being and our connection to existence.

In meeting these blockages with loving presence we can begin to unravel and open from deep within.  

Through the Inner Tantric Yoga practices, I guide you into a direct experience of the life giving nectar of Love, Clear Awareness, and Passionate Primal Power that live within the altar of your body. These altars are like gateways to sublime, radiant embodiment. They are your divine birthright which can never be added to or taken away.

We complete the session with holding positions, synchronized breath and empathic attunement designed to re-pattern the parasympathetic nervous system and mimic the neurobiology of infancy to return to the still point at the core of existence. Integrating new pathways of trust, openness and embodied essence. 


*Session Tribute is 300-450$ Sliding Scale. Each session lasts approximately 2+ hours.*