TranscendDance is a Shamanic Tantric Dance Modality created by Maya Luna. It is a 2 hour, guided exploration of Duality and Non-Duality utilizing Dance, Catharsis, DreamingBody Practice, Tantric Meditation and Embodied Alchemy. Beginning our journey in the womb of near-total Darkness and utilizing all of the Core Essence Tantra methods, we plunge into the radical embodiment of core polarities like Powerful-Powerless, Pride-Shame and Desire-Fear. The deep dive into these opposites reveals deeply personal, hidden relationships contained within them, accessed through the wisdom hidden inside the Body-Mind. Through dance and embodied expression, we embrace the passionate, dynamic, human experience of each side of the particular dualistic structure we are working with. These opposites are then alchemically woven together through movement and meditation. Out of this weaving, the polarities begin to merge and the Non-Dual consciousness naturally arises as a third, Transcendent state. States such as Surrender, Humility, Acceptance and Unconditional Love. At this point in the journey, we literally bring in the Light and allow the Non-Dual Transcendent State to Dance our bodies into new revelation, integration and Divine expression of Love in action. TranscendDance can be facilitated as a group experience or a solo journey. The core principles of TranscendDance draw from the work of Leslie Temple-Thurston and Arnold Mindell.