“Sessions with Maya feel as though I’m in session with God, with the absolute. The fact is, I am. There is nothing more precious than such a deep inner experience.”

-Jim, I.T Specialist, Santa Cruz CA

"I am grateful you don't hold yourself back. I have met only a few teachers in my life who I know in my bones have been to the edge and can hold me as far as I am willing to go. You are one. Praise is too one dimensional to capture my feelings. Awe. Wonder. Gratitude. Mystery. Thank you for being willing to go with me into the shadow. Thank you for your service to the world. You are a Dakini in the most beautiful and devastating fullness of the calling. I am grateful to dance together."

-Ernest, Spirituality and Conscious Relationship Mentor

“Maya is amazing. Definitely one of the most truly powerful forces of healing and transformation I have ever encountered. She meets you in the depths. She sees your soul. She can feel your heart. She embodies unconditional presence and care. This presence, along with her almost magical, shaman like skills provides the perfect holding container for deep, true and long lasting transformation. She is highly skilled, profoundly trustworthy and masterful in her ability to meet a person where they are at, and from there, she guides them to a place of wholeness and authenticity. She seems to have a sixth sense for helping us access, feel and heal the underlying fears and imprints that are blocking us from the natural embodiment that is our birthright.

I have known Maya for years. She walks her talk. She is sincerely devoted to the Truth of life and to serving from the clearest place possible. She is a rare gem. A modern day mystic priestess. A true healer in the deepest sense of the word: Deeply intuitive, powerfully connected to Source, free-flowing in her creative responsiveness to what is most catalytic in any given moment. She is unlike any healer I have come across. Operating on another level, she meets you where you are at with clear sighted loving presence, and with her exquisite skillfulness she ever so masterfully guides your journey in the direction of bringing forth your full spectrum aliveness. She does this with a profound integrity, utilizing the most modern and powerful understandings of the human psyche, while at the same time working outside the conventional boxes that most healers confine themselves to.

Working with Maya is a true gift. Do not pass up the opportunity to experience her magic directly. Your life will be forever touched, and your soul deeply transformed.”

-Tobin Giblin, Tantra Teacher and Author of The Art of Mindful Living


“Here’s what happened after you and I had that wonderfully challenging and beautiful session: I was more present to my wife than in a long time. I was conscious of receiving from her, and that energized our evening together. I didn’t feel that I had to be the all-male James Bond man who made everything happen. I felt more comfortable in my skin. I relaxed and was present to her, receiving her energy in ways that connected my core. I continued to receive her energy throughout a blissful night of lovemaking which was a real meeting of the two of us. The work you are doing with me is having such a profound impact. For the freedom I am sensing, I am grateful to you, and to the Spirit.”

-Thomas G, Spiritual Minister, Oakland Ca


“When I met Maya 6 months ago I had just been struck with what I measured to be the deepest wound in love. My body could simply not contain the rage, the pain and this new feeling of betrayal, let alone the loss of a woman I loved. My session with Maya was a totally unexpected example of fast and profound healing through role play, touch work, and guided meditation. Within two hours, I saw my devouring and debilitating anger and pain transform into peace. I am in awe with what happened. I so rarely use the term Goddess, which I find tarnished by over-usage, but the healing mastery, beauty, strength and femininity in one lady made me surrender: I may have met a Goddess. I will forever be grateful to you Maya, for this awesome and humbling experience.”

-Michel, Healer, New York



We have just reached our one-year anniversary of working together. What a journey it has been. You have made a world of difference in my life.
Before I met you, I was completely lost. I was living on the surface of myself, keeping everything tightly under control. Inside I was full of horror at life, not finding any sense of real meaning. I was drinking too much and I was constantly depressed. The sessions with my psychotherapist were getting me no where. Therapy had the same effect as alcohol, temporary relief followed by even deeper depression.
I was in a co-dependent relationship lasting over 20 years with no real meeting of souls between us. My days were absorbed in superficial drama. I longed to break free from this relationship yet didn’t know how. The pain I was in was so intense. I was looking for a sexual, romantic connection to someone in hopes that it could save me. I was preoccupied with my own death, terrified of facing the end alone.

And then you came to my life.  Meeting you was a shock.  As if I was in a dark room and suddenly saw the sun.

Through our work together, I slowly became aware of my misconceptions around love and relating, full of fantasies, projections, desires to possess, impress and own. You guided me to go deeper.

Miracles happened. You held me with a love, presence and acceptance I have never experienced.  Your supernatural ability to see me clearly was a shock to my system. You helped me to peel away layers of illusions, clearing the cobwebs from my soul. But you demanded a lot in exchange. You demanded me to take my soul seriously.
I have experienced an awakening. You helped me to see the real love partner, the one inside. You gave me tools to manage my drinking addiction and slowly brought me to Truth and clarity. You brought me face to face with my own death and in doing so opened me to Life. Our work together has given me Freedom.

So much has changed. I am not the person I was a year ago. A year ago I could not sit in silence alone with myself. Now, sitting in meditation I find myself feeling that I am at home.

You have opened my eyes to true intimacy. Just a glimpse of this intimacy makes my soul feel that it has found what it was looking for. And it is not an impossible fantasy, it is available inside of myself to in every moment. What more is there to ask for?”

Roland, CFO, Washington DC


“Maya knows the language of the heart and its power to bear and transform emotions. In this, my fourth session, she led my heart through grief, pain, and suffering to innocence, new life, laughter and joy."

-Josh C, Wine Maker, Napa CA