Self Love


If you want to love yourself. 
I mean really REALLY love yourself...

To know yourself as love from the inside out.
To surrender to the Love that holds you
In you
As you
Of you
For you

Look no further than this body.

You won't find the real of love in any goal achieved.
Your life accomplishments will never scratch that itch.
You won't find this kind of love in talk therapy.
Or self help books.
You cant heal yourself into it.
You can't improve yourself towards it.

Real Self Love is not an opinion of yourself.

You are amazing.
You are a failure.
You are good.
You are terrible.

All of these statements will always be true.

There is no way out of this game.

But self Love. True Self Love is not an opinion.

It is a state of being.

It is unconditional.

It is deeper and beyond these many images of You.

To love yourself you must fall on your knees and worship this skin which you live inside.

This blood and flesh and bone which is filled only with You.

You must caress and squeeze and hold this body.
You must make love to this body like it is the body of your Beloved.

You must stroke every last bit.
With the tender presence of one who is truly listening.
Who is available to give everything in senseless devotion.

You must be total in this touch.
Completely mad in your absurd passion. 
Foolishly pouring yourself into every nook and cranny.
Rolling on the ground like the love sick hungry soul that you are.
Writhing in pleasure.
Honest in your meeting.
In your grieving. 
In your longing.
In your giving.

Don't try to make the body feel a certain way.
Release your agenda.
And just meet.
Meet this body in presence. 
Touch this body with all that you are and all that you have to give.

Eventually your self consciousness will break open.
And you will feel the depth of your loving.
As honest and simple.
As innocent and true.
As that which was already here all along.

The lover and the one being Loved.
Becoming One.

Touch this body.
Caress this place where you and only you reside.

If you want to Love yourself.
Really REALLY love yourself.

Devote to loving this body.

The rest will take care of itself.