The Heart of Darkness

No one escapes this human experience, this crucible of embodiment without grappling with the presence of what the esoteric schools call "The Void".

The Void is the yin polarity of non-existence to the yang of existence. The emptiness to fullness. The silence to noise. The darkness to light. The death to life. 

As humans with highly developed complex consciousness, we are uniquely aware of the presence of the void. As much as we might try to deny it, it whispers over our shoulder like an ominous presence. It is part of this design we have entered into. And it is not just a concept, it is felt and known in the body and heart of every human being.

The presence of the Void brings with it a collection of raw, challenging initiations in the human experience: 

-Awareness of our mortality

-The chaos and groundlessness of the Mystery

-Existential pain

-A suspicion of meaninglessness

-A reoccurring sense of aloneness and isolation

The ego is extremely threatened by these brutal truths. And so The Void or Darkness has become the ultimate projection screen for the "bad other". It is like a boogeyman that haunts us, threatening to gobble us up. Many of our choices in life are, unknowingly, a defense mechanism to ward off the threat of this looming presence. 

Yet it persists. It is not going anywhere. 

Much of what we call spirituality is unconsciously a desperate attempt to reconcile with the presence of the void. This is why spiritual rhetoric is fixated on "The Light". As though our willful clinging might erase the presence of the opposite. 

We hope we can heal it away. Positive think it away. Pray it away. Manifest it away. Ascend it away.

We are comforted by whatever makes us feel like this Void is kept at bay. We use "spiritual truths" that feel warm and fuzzy inside because they give us the illusion of safety from the void. Yet they are no better than any other addiction or distraction we use to ward off this ultimate Other. We may even delude ourselves into lies which allow us to bypass or suppress our primal feelings about this wild, savage, groundless chaotic Truth. 

Yet it remains a Truth. And it will not go away.

If we can strip away the projection of evil which we carry on a primordial instinctual level, and simply turn around and face the beast, we discover that it is only the ego that is terrified. In truth, the presence of the void and the fierce medicine it carries is not only an inextricable part of this design, it is also an essential aspect to the crucible of the human experience. Rather than use spirituality to avoid this ominous presence and all the uncomfortable feelings it evokes, perhaps an essential aspect to true spiritual practice is found only in turning fully towards it as an initiation. To say yes to the medicine. To trust that this is not an unfortunate accident or obstacle, but an incredible gift.

The only way through, is through.

Our mortality and awareness of death opens us to the radiant precious miracle of life. 

The chaos and groundlessness of the Mystery humbles our egoic fixation on control and opens us to union with what is rather than what we think should be

Existential pain deepens our embodiment. Breaks us open to the disillusionment of our striving into the nectar of our own heart. 

The fact of our aloneness takes us into the deep silence and stillness at the heart of reality. 

Accepting the truth of meaninglessness wakes us up to the profound ISness of reality beyond meaning

The gift of Darkness is not widely known. It holds a precious key. It is feared, hated and denied and yet it pulses at the core of existence. 

The best kept secrets are hidden in the least likely places. 

Who could imagine a more brilliant, majestic, loving design?