Beyond Pleasure: Tantric Sexuality as a Spiritual Practice

The transfiguration of Divine Embodiment through the crucible of sexuality begins with the acknowledgement, embodiment and integration of deep seated sexual shadow. These shadows reveal themselves primarily through the polarity of Craving and Aversion.

 Our bodies hold personal sexual shadow as well as the shadow of the collective. The process of integrating the shadow is ongoing, but becomes more subtle and refined as more material is integrated over time. The more dense levels in the initial stages of transfiguration include addressing sexual shame, fantasies, repressions, traumas, addictions and narcissism.

 As the body-mind integrates repressed sexual shadow material, the contractions of Craving and Aversion begin to soften, opening up greater space and freedom within the habitual body. The temple of sexuality is slowly emptied of pretense. From within the bare bones of this temple, lovemaking has the potential to birth the lover into strikingly intimate contact with the Real of existence as it arises new in each moment: Naked, raw and innocent. Vibrating with truth and pulsing with pure love.

 This Tantric Sex is not technique based or even pleasure seeking. It is a profoundly naked un-doing of the self in rapturous devotion to the Absolute.

 Reclaiming pleasure is initially an important step in the transfiguration of Divine Embodiment. The repression of the body and demonization of pleasure by religious and patriarchal structures has created deep wounds of disconnection and shame. The healing, life-giving and nourishing vitality of pleasure is a birthright, worthy of honor and celebration. Yet fixation on pleasure alone can easily become a narcissistic gratification or addictive distraction. The soul can sense there is more to sex and calls out in longing for a deeper union.

 Tantric sexuality as a spiritual practice goes beyond personal sexual empowerment or expansive orgasmic states. True Tantric sex holds the key to Divine Embodiment. Once the pleasure body has been reclaimed and embraced, the Tantric Lover is called to go further. 

 By penetrating awareness into the phenomena of sensation, the Tantric lover rides the waves of sensation out to their origin and merges with the Source of pleasure. The Non-Dual ground of Being. 

No longer the destination. Pleasure becomes the doorway into the Mystery. 

 It is here that sex reveals itself as the potent intersection of Immanence and Transcendence at the heart of reality. The formless Bliss of the Absolute is contained within the mortal form of our sacred flesh and blood. Passionate, tender worship of the naked body becomes the ultimate holy ground of spiritual practice. Sex unfolds as a deeply rich meditation on the flow of sacred energy and absolute consciousness as they unite and dance through every particle of the universe down to the very cells of the body. Divine consciousness is consecrated with the energies of the flesh. Sensual pleasures are offered to the Absolute.

 The temple of sex then becomes a spiritual training ground, where the lover learns to embody naked awareness, unbounded love and spontaneous communion with reality beyond the Craving-Aversion polarity.

 This Non-Dual lovemaking unites the stillness, presence and penetrating awareness of Masculine Essence with the deep surrender, expansion and spontaneous creation of Feminine Essence.

 The Tantric lover dwells in the holy middle ground between detachment and vitality.

 Here, a profound initiation occurs into the state of Empty Fullness.

 With humble devotion, the subjective, egoic desire of the lover unites with the Desire of existence. When Desire is no longer projected onto objects of gratification, it ignites a burning flame of radiant awareness. Rather than propelling the lover to fill a void of dissatisfaction, Desire is reborn and baptized as an infinite source of inner nourishment.

 In wild love with Absolute Source, the personal will of the ego is surrendered to Divine will.  With naked presence, the Tantric lover plunges into the river of existence, merging with reality without anticipation. Inner and outer become unified into one continuous ground of awareness. The lover meets the moment with totality, drinking deeply from the nectar of reality as quickly as she releases it into the sacred void. The flow of the hands, mouth and genitals unfold with attunement to the sacred tremor at the heart of all creation. The movement of the body originates from a source deeper than hunger.

 Laying down all addiction to performance, the lover moves from pretence to presence. Willing to wait forever in the tender vulnerability of stillness, the absence of action. Like a tiger, the Tantric lover becomes the hunter of the real: supple, poised, open and present, awaiting the spontaneous arising of Truth to ignite the body into motion.

 Lovemaking becomes a radical act of surrendering into the Unknown.

 Love without object, without discrimination, opens the lover to the Non-Dual ground of reality. The flow of loving, alive, sensitized presence is neither grasping nor resisting. It is born from a deep letting go of any effort to manipulate sensation. Rather than making love, it is allowing the fullness of Absolute Embodied Love to unfold its holy transmission through the temple of the body.

 There are no techniques or maps to attain this experience of lovemaking. It arrives by grace. It is a continuous spiritual practice where each arrival at the temple is brand new. The lover cannot anticipate the arising of the real. There is only the preparation of the body, mind and heart to become supple, open and present enough to receive this holy mystery. Sex becomes the ultimate form of devotional practice, where the distinction between worshipper and worshipped dissolves into the ground of Non-Dual Oneness.


Within this transfigured sexuality, there is no end to the interpenetration and alchemical union of opposites.


Immanence and Transcendence. Masculine and Feminine. Form and Formless. Inner and Outer. Soul and Body. Divine and Human. Energy and Consciousness. Lover and Beloved.