Dancing with the Shadow

There is no getting rid of the shadow. Wherever the light of your consciousness lands, the opposite will be manifested in the unconscious. There is no way around this. There is only an ongoing process of continuous integration.

The shadow is whatever has been hidden, repressed or denied, be it "positive" or "negative". One of the pleasures of being human is the process of identification. Ceaseless is the arising of identity. Yet through this process of creation, as we identify with the objects of our own self image, these objects are destined to cast inevitable shadows.

This is a piece of the non- dual mystery. You are both. You are the Light and the Shadow. You are all of it. And none of it.

There is no getting rid of the Shadow, so how do we dance with our constant companion? 

It is misguided to think we can transmute or transcend what is so intricately entwined with the light. 

Ignore, deny, or attempt to fix the shadow and it becomes ravenous and starving, screaming for your attention. What is being called for is our respect and compassion. To acknowledge how our disowning of the shadow has made it our enemy. Our neglect has created an insatiable hunger for integration. What is needed is to feed it the light of our own pure awareness. And to honor the irrational forces that are calling us into wholeness.

To enter the secret wisdom of the shadow, you must first have respect for it.  Worship the mortal temple of your own flesh and bone. The landscape of inexplicable forces of sensation, emotion and feeling. Your shadow lives in your body. You must drop beneath the mind. The crazy wisdom of the Non-Dual requires that you let go of your preferences and notions of how things ought to be. So give yourself over to not knowing. Dive in. Give yourself, humbly and whole heartedly to the Dark womb of the Mystery. The gift of the shadow may not be what you thought.

Stay rooted in the Light of awareness. Not because the light is superior. But because it can give you the courage required to see into the unseen.

The shadow is different from the element of pure Darkness, yet it is the Dark force that will guide you through the process of integration. The womb of the Dark Void is the brilliance of the Non-Dual, where distinctions of light and shadow can no longer be seen. Where all forms dissolve back into formless origin. The Dark is the space of Oneness. Immersion into her belly of secrets reveals the dynamic truth of the wisdom of Duality- the magical interplay of Light and Shadow. This is the Holy Trinity of Dual and Non-Dual.

Stay rooted in the Light as you Plunge into Darkness.

Let light into shadow and shadow into light. Be ravished by the lovemaking of these fated opposites. Feel how the shadow gives depth to the light. How it feeds potency into her radiance. How the shadow is a cool shade, protecting you from the scorching heat of ego inflation. The shadow worships the light. The light worships the shadow. See how they pulse in harmony, content to be together forever.

Be ravished by this lovemaking. And be initiated into the Greatest Secret. 

Wherever the light of your consciousness goes, your shadow is following behind.

Listen carefully- Life is seducing you into Wholeness.