Integrating unconscious or hidden aspects of ourselves can happen through the process of acknowledging hidden desires and sexual fantasies. Usually at the heart of the fantasy is a longing for a lost aspect of self which has little to do with the actual sexual act. The arousal response is the bodies way of drawing attention to something within the unconscious that needs to be addressed. By accepting your desires and fantasies and mindfully feeling the intensity of their charge, you liberate the lost aspect of self from repression into wholeness. The exploration of desires can happen through direct experience of the fantasy or a symbolic gesture that evokes the intensity of the charge. Sometimes it is enough to just say yes to letting yourself have the fantasy by acknowledging it without judgement. Honest and thorough exploration of our unprocessed desires eventually empties the grasping mind, opening our sexuality to greater presence, sensitivity and depth. At this point the personal will is surrendered to Divine will and the true Tantric lovemaking emerges.