Exploring Eroticism: Integrating unconscious or hidden aspects of ourselves can happen through the process of acknowledging hidden desires, sexual fantasies, and core themes in our eroticism. Usually at the heart of the fantasy is a longing for a lost aspect of self to be integrated into wholeness. Exploring eroticism is one of the fastest transformational methods because works directly with the power of the unconscious as it arises inside of sexuality. By unraveling the deeper meaning of your eroticism and processing the emotional charge inside, you liberate the lost aspect of self from repression into wholeness. The exploration of eroticism can happen through direct experience of the fantasy or a symbolic gesture that evokes the intensity of the charge. Working with eroticism in this way is not about indulging in the pleasure sexual exploration for its own sake, this process is about addressing the unconscious and making it conscious for the purpose of awakening. Eroticism is one of the most direct, clear and powerful ways of accessing and integrating the unconscious into wholeness and totality.

Exploring the Hearts Desire: Most spiritual paths teach the repression or transcending of desire. Desire is thought to be a seduction that can corrupt us away from our spiritual growth. On the Tantric path, Desire is to be turned towards and lived into. This is not a purely hedonistic or self indulgent pursuit. Rather, it is an aligning with the arising of a true hearts desire as a deep whisper in the soul. Desire shows us where there is medicine for us. The paradox of the Desire path is that all Desire results in eventual Disillusionment. The disillusionment of the false image projection within Desire. If we embrace this disillusionment and let it break our hearts open, we are faced with the intimacy of the Real. In Tantra it is said that the only true Desire is for the Self, for God. Engaging the technology of Desire directly, we discover it is not about egoic gratification, but the radical unraveling of the unreal into the naked encounter with the essential.