I teach Inner Tantric Yoga as a practice to super charge our experience of being alive. These potent practices are applicable in the bedroom to infuse your lovemaking and just as applicable walking in the grocery store, making love to the moment. These are simple and potent practices to access the ecstasy that is your birthright and is available to you just by living inside a body. 

Inner Tantric Yoga utilizes breath, presence, subtle internal adjustments, awareness and felt energetic sense to:

-Inhabit the space inside the body so you are more deeply feeling the sensations of the moment and more deeply living inside of your own skin

-Surrender and let go from deep inside so that you are intimately receiving the moment 

-Experience Be-ing rather than Do-ing

-Access the nectar of Clear Awareness, Love, and Primal Passionate Energy that exist in specific points inside of the body 

-Be rejuvenated by the life essence that dwells inside the central channel 

-Open to the erotic innocence and spontaneous joy of any given moment

-Extract the nectar of pleasure from the full spectrum of your experiences, from pleasure to discomfort