The only true refuge is your own deep heart.... 

The archetype of Darkness is an inescapable aspect of the human experience. And it brings with it a collection of raw and challenging initiations such as: 


-Awareness of our mortality

-The chaos and groundlessness of the Mystery

-Existential pain and suffering


-A deep sense of aloneness and isolation 


Spirituality today has largely become a self improvement project. This is the exact spiritual materialism Chögyam Trungpa warned us about. 

My understanding of true spiritual practice is that it is a burning away of the unreal to arrive at what is essential. 

This burning away is often a painful process of disillusionment, heart break and encounters with the Dark. These initiations bring the sacred medicine of the broken open heart on the journey of unbecoming. They are essential to the maturation of the soul on the spiritual journey. 

Yet often our attempts to avoid the threat of Darkness involve entangling ourselves in deeper illusions about our own sense of certainty, self image and control. 

Even our spiritual concepts and highly developed awareness can be co-opted to distance ourselves from the raw and intimate encounter with ourselves and with life as it is. 

Yet underneath your striving, your tender nervous system, your defenses and protections, there is the refuge of your Heart. 

When we slow down inside, choose not-knowing over the false safety of certainty and control, allow the fact of our vulnerability to be felt and tell the truth of who we are and what we do, the intimacy with our deep heart arises as our own true essence held eternally in Love.

The Broken Open Heart...

Inside of your own deep heart there is true ground. The only constant refuge in the wild groundlessness of the Mystery. 

Inside of your own deep heart, the raw, simple intimacy of meeting yourself and the moment as love, beyond preference, beyond knowing, is the true nourishment you seek. 

Inside of your own deep heart, who you are is already perfect, wounds and failures and all. Not as an idea. But as a direct experience. Nothing needs to be different. You are already whole.  

Inside of your own deep heart, the initiations of Darkness are medicines on the path of awakening.

Embracing Holy Darkness...

Our mortality and awareness of death opens us to the radiant precious miracle of life. 

The chaos and groundlessness of the Mystery humbles our egoic fixation on control and opens us to union with what is rather than what we think should be

Existential pain deepens our embodiment. Breaks us open to the disillusionment of our striving into the nectar of our own heart. 

The fact of our aloneness takes us into the deep silence and stillness of intimacy with our essential being. 

Accepting the truth of meaninglessness opens our heart to the profound ISness of the reality of Love beyond meaning

What if there was nothing to fix, change or heal? 

My facilitation is in service to your direct experience of your heart, of your true self, of your moment exactly as it is. 

My offering is to your freedom to say yes to what is true and stand in the fire with you, with Love. 

My devotion is to the You beneath your striving. 

Wholeness is never obtained. Only surrender to. 

I gave up
On healing my trauma
I gave up
On practicing the skills
To become whole
Today I gave up
On evolving
Into that ever elusive
Better version of myself
Today I submitted
To the wound of love
I stopped pointing at it
Looking at it
Soothing it
Tweaking it
Fixing it
Finessing it
Hiding it
Polishing it
I stopped this game of separation
I crawled inside the wound
And spread it open
I decided to wear it like a gown
I accepted my total and utter
To be anything else
But me

-Maya Luna