I work with the Heart as the center of our Being. As the place where we exist as a unique human being, utterly ourselves. Beyond our head, our self images, our emotions and even beyond awareness, there is a place that exists inside of us where we are eternally sovereign, dignified and whole. Where we are deeply intimate with who we are. Not as an idea, but as a direct experience. This place is the Heart of our Being. By learning to rest inside of our sovereign heart we gain back the self love and acceptance that is at the root of all of our striving. We go beyond the fixation of "knowing" into the intimacy of not-knowing. When we are willing to not know, we are available to receive ourselves and the make direct "feeling" contact with the moment, as it is, free from the pressure of Do-ing, we can relish in simply Be-ing. 

What we long for more than anything is ourselves. What we want more than anything is to receive ourselves and experience simply Being ourselves exactly as we are. Without controlling our experience. Without denying anything. To simply Be and experience who we are is the gift inside the Heart.

Through guided embodiment practice and radical truth telling, you are supported to inhabit and claim the space of your own heart. Your heart contains all of you. The beautiful and the ugly. The profound and the ordinary. It can hold your delight and joy as much as your rage and grief. And it holds it all perfectly as love. Here, life becomes an intimate, open eyed, full spectrum meditation. Heart embodiment is about learning to Be, Feel, and receive who you really are. Beyond concept. The intimacy with yourself and with life is waiting for you to open, and this openness happens at the level of the Heart.