Bond With the Inner Beloved: Cacao, Tantra and Kirtan
7:00 PM19:00

Bond With the Inner Beloved: Cacao, Tantra and Kirtan

Dive into the Great Heart this Valentines Weekend and discover the sacred bond with the Inner Beloved. 

Through Kashmiri Shaivist Tantric Sadhana and Sufi inspired heart meditation, we will make love to the Mystery in this exquisite Puja ritual of ecstatic worship of the Divine in ourselves and each other. 

Explore your own Consciousness, Breath, Senses and Heart as direct gateways to sublime union with the Great Heart of Reality, where immersion into direct experience opens into a tangible experience of Non-dual Bliss.

Combining the medicine of Cacao with the nectar of Tantric awareness techniques, we will plunge into the sublime reality at center of all opposites, where the Inner Beloved arises as inseparable from your own innate consciousness.

Following the ritual we will be ravished by ecstatic Kirtan by Jens Jarvie and the Heart Wide Open band.

Sing your Heart out, Dance and Cuddle with heart drenched community in luscious devotion to True Love .

 *All practices are clothes on, non-explicit, and known to induce supreme states of ecstatic awareness*

Music with Jens of The Heart Wide Open:

Contribution: $20-$35 at the door

IMPORTANT Please arrive between 6:30 and 7 if you would like to participate in the Tantric Puja Ritual. If you would like to come ONLY for the Kirtan, please wait to arrive until after 9:00.

Puja begins at 7:00

Kirtan begins at 9:00

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