The Deep Feminine wants to ravish us open to the Mystery. She arises inside the grace of our deepest surrender. She beckons us into the profound not-knowing of the heart. She slays our illusions of control. She dances on the ashes in wild abandon. She is the descending current, the marriage of matter and spirit. She is the Divine in density. She is pure sex beyond sex, making love to the moment. She melts our defenses and reveals the current of true power inside the supple dance of unbecoming. She is the radical alchemy within deep receptivity. She is the union of agony and ecstasy. She is Darkness. She is wisdom. She is the doorway to the Soul.
— -Maya Luna

Our world is changing…

Humans are beginning to truly wake up to the power of the Feminine as it becomes abundantly clear that She is the healing our planet needs. 

Yet it is not possible for us to bring the Feminine into balance, in our lives and on the planet without awakening the Deep Feminine.

The Deep Feminine is an expression of pure sexuality: 

Pure Love, Crazy Wisdom, Deep Receptivity, Wild Innocence and Profound Connection With the Sacredness at the Heart of Existence. 

Whereas the masculine spiritual realization relishes in the Transcendant revelation of this world as illusion, 

The feminine spiritual realization is in devotion to life itself. To the earthly plane. To the incarnation of the Divine into matter. Birthing the transcendent mystery into the world of Form. 

She is the golden thread of Embodied Awakening. 

When a woman surrenders to this mystery and allows the current of the Deep Feminine to awaken through her, this energy can catalyze her into the realization of her embodied spirituality: the Power, Wisdom and Love that arises from the depths of her Being. This revelation catalyzes the remembrance of the connection with the divine energy that radiates through all of life.

Woman then becomes the conduit for the healing of the earth itself.

She becomes The Chalice.

The vessel where the nectar of existence as love, erotic innocence and vital wisdom can pour into and through her in devotion to the sacredness at the heart of all Life.


The Deep Feminine has a long history of being both revered, and feared, as a potent spiritual force capable of creating a direct connection to God.Source.Creator.Existence.

The trauma of patriarchy for the last 5,000 years has its roots in the suppression of the Deep Feminine in all humans. This trauma is rooted in survival terror and the dominator consciousness which developed as a coping mechanism where the earth, embodiment and sensual pleasure and life itself became disconnected from the sacred.

We have become a culture of violence and crazed productivity, cut off from the depth of connection to the soul which is the Deep Feminine.

We lost touch with the sacredness of the body and the earth and all of its sensual pleasures that are the gateway to Source.

We forgot the preciousness of Life and sought to dominate rather than serve life. 

Because the loss of connection to the Deep Feminine is at the root of our collective trauma of Patriarchy, incarnating this Feminine essence into form is the way of healing. It is through Her that we restore the sacred on planet earth.

The Deep Feminine has no allegiance to any specific religion. Her spirituality is the embodied celebration of the Holiness that radiates through the body and through all of creation. 

This celebration is her worship.

It is loving, erotic, nourishing, healing and life giving. 


The Course

-8 weeks of weekly virtual group calls with Maya

-Access to a community Facebook group

-Access to a Trello board with an abundance of class materials, resources and practices

-Embodying the 5 Essential Qualities of the Deep Feminine

-Understanding the wisdom and power of the Dark Goddess

-Becoming the Priestess in devotion to Soulful communion with the Depth of Existence

-Transmissions on Healing the Trauma of Patriarchy and integrating the Shadow Feminine

-Direct Experience of the Tantric current as divine in density

-Inner Tantric Yoga to connect to Source energy through the body

-Ongoing email support and

-The option to work 1:1 with Maya during the course

Week 1-2

Entering The Temple


*Tantra as the Path of the Feminine

*The Trauma of Patriarchy & Disconnection from the Feminine Essence

*Receiving Devotional Support from the Inner Masculine

*Re-Wilding the Body/Breaking out of Conditioning

*Experiencing how the 5 Essential Qualities of the Feminine are opened to inside the Body

Week 3-4

Meeting the Dark Goddess


*Meeting the Totality as Sacred

*The Love, Power and Freedom of Dark Goddess Initiations

*Dark Goddess as Holy Mother

*Accessing the Deep Heart of the Feminine as the Heart which Embraces the All

*Opening to Dakini Wisdom, The Sacred Muse and Liminal Feminine Knowing

*Discovering the Feminine Sexual Portal as a Channel for Birth, Death and Alchemical Transmutation

Week 5-6

Madonna and the Whore


*Understanding the Madonna/Whore Split in Consciousness as the Disconnection Between Sex & the Sacred and the Subversion of true Feminine Power

*Uncovering your Personal Shadow Archetypes of the Madonna and the Whore

*Discovering the Pure Essence of the Madonna and the Whore as Essential Aspects of the Feminine

*Marrying the Madonna and the Whore as the Embodied Alchemy for Becoming God’s Lover: Deep Passion with Purity of Heart & Union with the Upper and Lower Realms

Week 7-8

Becoming the Chalice


*Inner Tantric Yoga as a Lovemaking with Existence/Self/God

*Embodying Holy Love, Pure Sex And Clear Awareness

*Accessing the Infinite Source of True Nourishment

*Activating the Inner Body as a Chalice for Deep Listening, Erotic Innocence and Giving/Receiving the Nectar of Life

*Becoming the Priestess in Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Existence

*Restoring the World Soul through Incarnating Feminine Essence

Yes! I’m in!