The body a bridge for accessing the unconscious and its wisdom is revealed through the phenomena of sensations, impulses and symptoms that arise within it. Diving into the phenomena of the body with awareness and totality reveals a rich inner landscape of stories, archetypes, beliefs, emotions, and memories. Following the unfolding processes contained in these phenomena always leads to profoundly energizing insight and wholeness by allowing suppressed material to be integrated into consciousness.

Body Centered Process has four main objectives:

  1. Cultivating Body Presence~ Awareness of the sensations, impulses and symptoms that arise in the body.
  2. Integrating the Bodies Secrets~ When unconscious shadow material from the body is brought to awareness and allowed the space to unravel its secrets, the process that unfolds is naturally and instinctively geared towards returning to a state of integration and wholeness.
  3. Trusting the Unknown~ The body confronts us with irrational, mystical, ecstatic, confusing and sometimes frightening material that is often a contradiction to our ordinary consciousness. This is because the body is the bridge into the unknown. Having respect for the power of the unconscious and trusting the process that unfolds keeps us strong, grounded and humble as we journey into the body’s secrets.
  4. Embodied Transformation~ Intellectual understanding is not enough to change our life. This is why many people find talk therapy so ineffective. For actual transformation to occur, it has to happen on the level of the body, inside the skin we live in.