About Maya Luna:

I am passionate about Tantra as a technology for waking up to TRUTH, whatever the cost. 11 years ago I read my first book on Kashmiri Shavism. This text ignited a deep remembering in me and I have devoted my life to discovering Tantra ever since. From my first initiations with powerful Dakinis to my ecstatic encounters with Non-Dual meditation, Tantra has always been a process of deep remembering, of coming home to something deeply familiar and resonant within my core. Some of my studies have been more formal and others have taken place within my own wild and intuitive explorations. From diving inside the Charnel Grounds of homeless and train hopping culture to practicing sensual touch as a path to embodied awareness and unconditional love, Tantra has had a way of finding me again and again. As a Dakini, I guide others into the mystery of Tantra out of my own deep and continuous love affair with this path.  I have studied with incredible teachers such as Daniel Odier, Shakti Malan, Adam Gainsburg, Sally Kempton, Charles Muir, Judith Blackstone, Andrew Harvey, Simon Tzu, Wendy Dakini and Swami Rahasya of the Advait Tantra School. I have also been profoundly impacted by the work of Leslie Temple Thurston and Arnold Mindell.