Bringing awareness to aversions and taboos through intentional exploration can liberate incredible amounts of energy within our system by touching into the repressed and denied consciousness they represent. Ritualistic embracing of what we would normally reject is an ancient Tantric initiation intended to liberate dualistic thinking and taste the Non-Dual Truth of the Absolute which exists in all things. Aversion/Taboo exploration is unique to each individual, addressing personal as well as cultural aversions and taboos. It is said in the Tao that everything in time turns into its opposite. Working with aversions allows us to become present with, and feel, whatever we are most resisting, thereby liberating its control over us and welcoming its gift and wisdom to be received. Some examples include: watching your lover be intimate with other person, gender bending, breaking dress codes, walking in the forest at night, rolling around in dirt, imbibing forbidden food or drink, singing in the supermarket, sleeping on the street, attending a kink party or expressing anger. The intentional, ritual, conscious immersion into taboos has the effect of humbling the ego, softening its rigid edges and seducing it into service of a greater reality other than its own self image.