To the mind, we live in a world of opposites: good-bad, fear-desire, attraction-repulsion. We identify strongly with one side of a polarity while the other side exists only in the unconscious. These polarities lock our familiar structure of self in place by keeping us invested comfortable associations of who we believe we are, and who we believe we are not. The more unconscious these structures are, the more they limit our capacity to experience our wholeness. By breaking down the dense consciousness of duality through direct inquiry and embodied exploration, we come closer to the truth of who we really are. When a repressed aspect of a polarity within the self comes into the light of awareness and presence we become more whole. Our nervous system relaxes into balance by allowing the opposite aspect to exist within consciousness. The tension and energy that has been held in through denying this aspect is immediately released, energizing the whole being by freeing up the flow of aliveness within the body. Our truth is never as one sided as we may think. By exploring an opposite aspect within our usual story, we gain deeper access to our wholeness. When two polarities are thoroughly integrated, a third, more refined essence emerges which is transcendent, divine and exists beyond duality. These are transcendent aspects such as Compassion, Equanimity, Serenity, Surrender, Faith and Joy.